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SFS Writers Collective

We bring together emerging sci-fi and fantasy writers, helping them work toward publication by improving their literary skills, writing together, and providing honest feedback in a supportive community.

Why did we start SFS Writers Collective?

SFS originally stood for Sci-Fi Shorts and Fantasy Shorts, our two flash fiction publications. However, "The Collective," as we affectionately call it, has grown to include authors, publishers, poets, artists, and writers from several other genres—romantic suspense, horror, magical realism, and even non-fiction. Writers write; they aren't bound by genre, and the Collective is a great place to learn and grow from each other, get practical instruction, and find encouragement along the way.

Stories are the fabric of life. They shape us, reveal who we are, and inspire us. There’s nothing more compelling than a great story. But stories can be challenging to write — especially if you’re just getting started. We created the Collective to empower you as you craft your best story and work toward publication. How? Through a dedicated, community-driven environment.

What do I get with the Collective?

  • Meet and strike up conversations with skilled writers, experts, and published authors.
  • Weekly group writing sprints to keep you motivated as you write.
  • Connect with like-minded writers and find beta readers for your stories.
  • Get practical help with crafting dialogue, writing fight scenes, improving prose, world-building, grammar, character development, editing, and more!

  • Weekly member spotlights where you can get to know other Collective members on a deep level, and they can get to know you.
  • Unique events where you can watch other writers craft stories in real-time. 
  • Groups where you can chat with others who share your interests.

  • Regular online writer’s groups where you can read your work and receive encouraging and critical feedback.
  • Groups with J.A. Taylor and Rod Castor, the editors of Sci-Fi Shorts and Fantasy Shorts, where they give feedback on stories and answer questions.

  • Share your speciality and discover other writers by their specialties. Form connections in niche areas to learn from them and strengthen your weaknesses.
  • Glean resources and tips from those who share your passions or writing genres.
  • Direct submission to Sci-Fi Shorts and Fantasy Shorts, including written feedback on your submission from the editors, who will help you work toward publication.

  • Courses ranging from 10-minute skill sessions to several day courses with practical training exercises to hone your skills on topics like writing dialogue, adding depth to your writing, developing a story, and more!
  • A 20% discount on ProWritingAid.
  • Access to the Story Hatch Method that will not only get you started writing a story, but help you methodically craft each aspect of your story (character, setting, theme, plot, and conflict) until your story emerges from the nebula!

  • Secure groups where you can offer your services or find the services you need from other trusted experts.
  • Post questions, polls, and send private messages, join groups, follow topics, and take courses — all while interacting with a dedicated and empowered writing community.
  • Access to SFS Writers Collective also includes a full-featured mobile app so you can always connect, join conversations, and attend events and courses, wherever you go.

Access to all this and more when you join SFS Writers Collective! 

How can the Collective help me write?

We nurture your writing passion through a method we call, “Story Hatch.” You will work through the five elements of story with practical exercises and a chance to share your progress with other members of the Collective. That means your new community gets to be a part of helping you form and shape stories in their infancy. 

To help you as you develop your stories, you'll have not only have targeted and practical training, but access to perpetual story prompts to start those creative juices flowing. Not sure how to craft that dialogue? Post a question and get help. First time writing a fight scene? Ask for some advice and get feedback from skilled writers. When you’re ready for more, RSVP to an online writer's group to read your work in front of others, or post a sample for quick feedback. When you are ready to write, draw from this incredible community in hatching your first story. Follow these steps and you’ll be crafting incredible stories in no time!

Is the Collective worth it?

You won't find a better deal for a diverse, skilled, and encouraging writing cohort anywhere. Leave the trolls and ads under the bridge where they belong and develop quality writing skills for pennies a day with SFS Writers Collective. This is not just information sharing; it is a community that drives you toward writing and publishing. Our context-driven, community-focused environment will help your writing dreams materialize.

So what are you waiting for? Welcome to your new writing home.

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